Yield Machine Max Grow Box Reviews

yield max 300 grow box

4 Foot Tall Full Spectrum LED Grow Cabinet

The Yield Machine Max is one or top products on the page with good reason.  With less upfront and long term cost than most competitors and even more size for the money, it really is a risk free purchase.

Our user photo blog page is available here with user grow pictures and results.  The Yield Max for sure out produces similar priced cabinets such as the Cash Crop.

With choice of 150 watt or 300 watt full spectrum LED lighting, it’s almost to much power for this size cabinet, not under powered like other systems.  Using the higher powered LED lighting over CFL lighting is the better option long term.  It also produces more yields and higher quality flower production overall.

Within 7-10 days of ordering, you will receive your cabinet, and be ready to start growing.  We offer full email and phone support with any questions along the way.

Text or call 856-994-2778 or use the chat icon at bottom of screen for quick replies.

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